Embrace your facial moles, feel blessed

Publish | 05 Apr 2019, 16:03

Online Desk

More pigment in one part of your skin forms a mole. Moles are not something to be embarrassed about. 

They are a part of your identity enhancing your gorgeous looks and gracefully adding attention to your features. These beauty marks can make you look either sensual or sober.

If you are born with a mole, it is said to be a birthmark. According to ancient history, moles were studied to foretell the future of people. It says that your success depends on the location of the mole on your face. Although it is hard-pressed to be proven true, nevertheless, the naturally occurring beauty marks on the skin enhance your individual beauty and unique features. They add more characteristics to your physical appearance beyond just a materialistic embellishment or cosmetic product.

Moles are usually small, round and brown in colour. However they can be sometimes larger and may have different colour like black or pink. They can be skin-coloured as well. Moles can be smooth and flat or they can be bumpy too.

The timeless Indian celebs like Rekha and foreign beauties like Cindy Crawford don’t even need an introduction. Their facial moles are famous and iconic.  Considering more recent examples of these spots on silver screen, it becomes clear that they have continued to be accepted confidently. Many different personalities, races and ages have flaunted their moles in a way that has made them memorable through the generations. Be enough comfortable with them that you forget they are there. Legendary beauties don’t hide them with makeup or get them removed, so why should you? These moles have made them look even more stunning.

Women who are not gifted with moles naturally try to fake them by way of tattoo or cosmetics. Feel lucky if you have such a natural beauty embellishment without any effort. They can powerfully elevate and maximise the confidence of their bearer.

Adore a special kind of self-esteem accepting the possession of your mole with poise.