Girls become victims of pornography

Published : 11 Oct 2016, 14:08

Jagoroniya Desk

Sumi (not real name) is mentally sick. She can't recollect anything. Sumi's present mental state forces her staying away from attending school classes. Now her parents are desperately trying to send Sumi abroad for medication and continuation of studies. But, once upon a time she (Sumi) was the central point of joys and happiness of her family.

The dark episode of the teenage girl Sumi's life began in 2011 when she was the class nine student of Civil Aviation High School in the city's Tejgaon area. Her boy friend Atiqul Islam Emon released some video clippings of her different close moment on the Internet which shattered Sumi's normal life. 

As the video went viral in the social media, Sumi's mother filed a case with the Tejgaon Shilpanchal police under Women and Children Repression Prevention Act. In the case, the court awarded Emon life term imprisonment following his arrest. Now, he is in the jail. It's true that the culprit Emon got punishment. But, what is Sumi's fate? Will she be able to return her normal life? Will she be able to go to school like many of her friends? Who will give the answer? 

Like Sumi, many of girls in the country are becoming the victims of pornography. In many cases, they are victimized by their boyfriends, who are also children. 

Without knowing anything or with an intention for doing something "different", they (boys) take picture/videos of female classmates or girl friends with their mobile phones or cameras during their close moment and then they release those on the Internet. 

According to police record, Sumi's mother filed the case with Shilpanchal Police on April 24, 2011 under Women and Children Repression Prevention Act accusing Atiqul Islam Emon. The record says that Emon raped Sumi by forcibly taking her to a room in a building in Mohakhali market Goli on November 2, 2010 when Sumi was the class eight student. Emon took video of the incident in his multimedia mobile phone. 

Later, he raped Sumi several times by giving her threat that he would make the video clip public if she did not respond positively to her proposal. But, after few days, Emon's ugly face was exposed as he released the video when Sumi refused to respond his proposal. 

In the case of Sumi, her father said following the incident the peace and happiness of his family have totally been shattered. "Sumi has become sick. Her studies remained totally stopped for the last five years as she can't memories anything. She became as a mental patient," said Sumi's businessman father as tears rolled down on his cheek.

He went on, "We are desperately trying to send her to the USA as one of her maternal grandfather are living there". 

Not only Sumi, there are so many such cases across the country where girl children are becoming victims of pornography. In February, 2014, a class nine student of Borura upazila under Comilla district became a victim of pornography. One Aliullah forcibly took the girl to a nearby solitary place and raped her. Aliullah's friends videoed the raped episode in their mobile phones and released those on the Internet. 
Almost similar incidents occurred in Charfalan union in Luxmipur district in January last year and Charsalepur village under Charvadrason upzila in Faridpur district in April this year. In these two separate incidents, two girls were raped and their raped incidents were videoed in mobile phones by the cohorts of the rapists. Later, the videos were released on the Internet. As a result, the victims had to stay away from their school classes as they became mentally sick following the incidents.


According to RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) and police sources, the most sensational incident of victimizing girls through pornography apparently came into the light in 2001. A youth named Sumon used to bring girls in his room and take their videos of some close moment by hiding cameras. A case was filled in this connection, but no was arrested so far as the main accused Sumon left the country immediately after the incident.

Abdullah Al-Mamun, Programme Coordinator of Manusher Jonno Foundation, a non-government organization working on women and children issues, said a large section of school going children are witnessing pornography regularly.

"At least 77% school going children have been witnessing pornography regularly and armature pornography is popular among them instead of commercially produced one," he said citing a research findings conducted here recently. 

Mamun said that the age of the pornography victim girls are below 18. When asked about the intention of taking such videos of the girls, Mamun cited his research findings saying in maximum cases the culprits used to do it to blackmail the girls, undermine their family or establishing sexual relations with the victims for long time. Besides, in those cases, the victim is not aware that she is being captured through video recording. All are done secretly and without the knowledge of the victim.

When asked Professor Md, Tajul Islam of Mental Health Institute said that the rate of such incidents has been increasing gradually due to lack of strict enforcement of laws and negligence to bring the culprits to book. 

Masudur Rahman, Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, opined that the guardians should enforce strong surveillance on the movement of their children. They should aware their children about the consequence of such incidents. Parents should give special attention to their daughters and let them know what they have to do under such circumstances. However, he said that the school authorities have to remain alert so save their girl students from such incidents.


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