PM promises to eliminate militancy, terrorism

Published : 03 May 2017, 17:05

Jagoroniya Desk

Renewing her government's 'zero tolerance' against militancy and terrorism, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said these menaces will be eliminated from the country at any cost.

"We'll root out militancy and terrorism from Bangladesh to ensure peace and security in public life," she said.

The prime minister said this during a videoconference at her official residence Ganobhaban with the officials of local administrations, public representatives and people from all walks of life of 13 districts under Dhaka division.

The videoconference was arranged aiming to bolster her government's stance against terrorism and militancy, and highlight its various development initiatives.

The PM's videoconference reached out to some 19.82 lakh people of 1000 union as it connected 6116 points of 13 districts.

Sheikh Hasina said militancy and terrorism now have emerged as a global problem, not only a problem for Bangladesh.

The Prime Minister bemoaned that these days brilliant students and children from well-off families are getting involved in militancy and terrorism.

Terming Islam as the religion of peace, she said this religion never believes in terrorism. "In Islam, there's nothing to kill innocent people...killing people is the worst sin. Islam is the religion of brotherhood. "But people are being taken to the wrong path, tarnishing the image of the religion."

Praising the country's law enforcement agencies, she said Bangladesh has been able to avert many big terror attacks due to their timely and effective steps. "Many developed countries in the world couldn't do that," she said.

Hasina urged all to be more aware against militancy and terrorism, and help the government and law enforcement agencies tackle the menaces.

She called on the teachers and guardians to properly take care of their students and children so that they do not step into the path of militancy and terrorism.

The Prime Minister said the people of all faiths liberated Bangladesh taking part in the war of independence unitedly.

"So, the people of all religions will perform their religious rituals freely and peacefully here in a brotherly atmosphere," she said.

Hasina said if the militancy and terrorism raise their ugly heads here again, it will bring bad name for Bangladesh. "I request all to work sincerely so that Bangladesh's image never gets tarnished."

PM's Adviser HT Imam was present during the videoconference.

Source: unb

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