Now in-laws demand Babul's arrest

Published : 05 Jun 2017, 12:32

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The father of the murdered wife of former superintendent of police Babul Akter on Saturday demanded his arrest for involvement in the murder of Mahmuda Khanam Mitu, who was shot dead on 5 June last year.

Earlier, on 26 February this year, Mahmuda Khanam’s parents first accused Babul of his involvement in the murder, taking a U-turn from their previous statement about Babul Akter.

Mahmuda's mother Shaheda had then said, “My daughter and her husband had a very good relationship. I just don’t understand how people make up stories about their relationship.”

“We don’t believe what people are saying, nor do we watch television or read the newspapers. No one in our family believes Babul killed Mitu. He is an angel."

The father of Babul's wife, Mosharraf Hossain, who is a former police officer, has now said, "We heard that he (Babul) was forced to resign from job for his involvement with the murder. If it's true, it's unfair. My daughter's killer cannot be spared this way."

"Why did Babul leave his job if he was not involved in the murder? And why would Musa have killed my daughter? If Musa really did this, it had been done for Babul," said Mahmuda's father at his residence in the capital city.

Demanding justice for his daughter’s murder, Mosharraf earlier said, “Rather than the murder of Mitu, other less important issues are getting priority. If the police can prove Babul is the killer, he should be brought to justice.”

Asked about the allegation from his in-laws, Babul told Prothom Alo that now many allegations can be raised to divert attention from the incident. But, no one should raise such an allegation without any facts and documents when the investigation is yet to be finished.

Babul did not comment regarding his father-in-law's claim about his job. Bubul himself sought justice for his slain wife.

Mahmuda Khanam Mitu, wife of Babul Akter, the former superintendent of police, was killed in Chittagong city just a year ago on 5 June. Police have failed to file any charge sheet in the murder case as yet.

Earlier on 24 June last year, police picked up Babul Akter from his in-law’s Bhuiyan Para residence in capital city's Khilgaon area. Babul Akter was finally released from police custody after several hours of interrogation.

A day after the Babul's interrogation on 26 June, Chittagong Metropolitan Police commissioner Mohammed Iqbal Bahar told a press conference that a team of seven to eight people, including Wasim and Anwar, had killed Mahmuda.

In a deposition, Wasim and Anwar said Musa led the murder incident. But, they did not say anything about why Madmuda was killed and who directed the murder.

According to the statement, Wasim, Anwar, Mohammed Rashed, Nabi, Mohammed Shahjahan, Musa and Mohammed Kalu were a part of the murderers’ group. Nabi stabbed Mahmuda and a certain Ehteshamul Haque aka Bhola provided the arms.

Nabi and Rashed were killed in an alleged gunfight on 4 July last year.

However, Musa and Kalu have not been arrested as yet.

On the other hand, Musa's wife Panna Akhtar said plainclothes picked up Musa from Chittagong city's port area 17 days after the Mahmuda murder incident.  Police declined to agree with the allegation.

Iqbal Bahar, the CMP commissioner, told Prothom Alo on Saturday that police would wait for Musa for a certain period of time.

If he could not be arrested, the charge sheet would be filed, he added.

Source: Prothom Alo

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