Myanmar dithering on repatriation: Prime Minister

Published : 19 Feb 2018, 19:02

Jagoroniya Desk

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina briefed the media on her recent visit to Italy and the Vatican. She is also took questions from the media about the conviction in graft case of her archrival BNP chief Khaleda and its aftermath.

*Hasina says this time world leaders didn’t call her after Khaleda Zia was jailed for corruption.

“Nobody seems to like those who are convicted of corruption,” the prime minister says responding to a question from the media. 

Rohingya crisis

*Rohingyas will be relocated to Bhasan Char and will stay there until repatriation: Hasina.

*Initially, there will be housing facilities for 100,000 Rohingyas.

*Hasina says Myanmar is dithering over Rohingya repatriation.

“Myanmar agreed to take back 8,000 for now and we will watch how Myanmar behaves with these 8,000 refugees.”

On question leaks

*PM asks who has that photographic memory and who can memorise answers in such a short period of time and reproduce them in exams.

*“Question leaks are not new in Bangladesh. Many questions come to my mind. I’m searching for answers,” Hasina says.

*“We cannot do anything if the BNP doesn’t participate in the election. The election will be held in time,” Hasina says.

*The corruption case was filed by the Anti-Corruption Commission and court proceedings continued for 10 years, Hasina says adding that the current government has nothing to do with the case. 

*Hasina questions the rationale for assigning Tarique Rahman, himself a convict, to lead the BNP in the absence of Khaleda Zia jailed for five years in a corruption case.

*Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asks if BNP has any leader to lead the party with Khaleda Zia in jail.

*Hasina comments on BNP’s party constitution: It doesn’t exist.

*PM says any new law goes through multiple steps before passage in parliament; the Digital Security Act will go through a similar, long process.

*Hasina says journalists should not worry about the new Digital Security Act.

*PM finishes her statement; now taking questions from the media.

*UK lifts ban on direct air cargo from Dhaka, Hasina says describing it as good news.

*The Bangabandhu satellite will be launched sometime in March: Hasina. 

*PM says Bangladesh has stepped into 4G mobile network.

*Hasina says she urged Italy’s business community to invest in Bangladesh.

*Pope Francis praised communal harmony in Bangladesh, Hasina says .

*Hasina mentions that IFAD has provided loans for rural economy.

*The prime minister speaks on her recent visit to Rome and the Vatican City.

*Hasina opens her speech with tributes to Language Movement martyrs.

Source: bdnews24

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