Schoolgirl found dead in Chattogram, friend arrested

Published : 03 May 2018, 16:39

Jagoroniya Desk

Police have detained Adnan Mirza on the mysterious death of schoolgirl Tasfia Amin in Chattagram. In initial interrogation, he said that he is the head of the group of a gang based "Gangster Rich Kids" group.

He was arrested from the city`s Nasirabad area on Wednesday evening.

Adnan is the ninth grade student of Elementary School of Chattagram. However, police still did not tell how Tasfia was dead. Police also confirmed that her friend Adnan was involved in his death.

"Gangster Rich Kids" is a Facebook-based social network in Chattagram. And the head of this group is Adnan Mirza, son of a wealthy businessman in Chattagram.

This group also includes the children of the millionaire father in the city`s English medium

Assistant Commissioner of Chattagram`s Karnaphuli Zone (AC) Jahidul Islam confirmed this. 

In the initial interrogation, Adnan confessed that Tasfia, Adnan and his friend, at around 3:30 pm in the afternoon, was in the China Grill restaurant in Golpahar area of Sohel city. After a while, mother of Tasfia asked Adnan to return Tasfia home quickly. At that time Tasfia took Tk 100 from Adnan and got into CNG auto-rickshaw.

Adnan also said in the interrogation Tasfia`s mother again called Adnan and asked him to find Tasfia at 7 pm. Then Adnan went to Tasfia`s house. Until 12 pm, the members of Adnan and Tasfia`s family searched for her in different places. Then on Wednesday morning, the body of Tasfia was found in the sea beach.

AC Jahid said some witnesses told us that where Tasfia`s body was found, she was seen sitting alone on the beach on Tuesday evening. No one was able to tell how Tasfia died. Adnan could not say anything about the death of Tasfia. We are investigating.

Tasfia`s body was found in the 18th Ghat area near the Naval Academy in Patenga of the city on Wednesday morning.

The identity of the Tasfia was not confirmed at first, but then Tasfia`s family identified the body at noon.

Tasfia is the daughter of Md Amin, a resident of Cox`s Bazar district sadar that located in the DailPara area. She was the ninth grade student at Sunshine Grammar School.

Source: DailyBangladesh

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