3 Truths About C-Section Mothers That Everyone Should Know

Published : 05 Aug 2017, 15:11

Jagoroniya Desk

If you are a mother or about to be one, we salute you. It’s not easy to be a mother in any way. You have to be responsible for two lives from the moment the little fetus starts developing in your womb till it grows and develops into the amazing person you always knew he/she would become. And in the meantime, you leave no stone unturned to ensure that your baby comes safely into this world; even if that means taking the risk of a C-section.

We know that making the decision to go through a Cesarean section requires bravery and strength on your part. And you deserve kudos for that as well as only a woman can commit this act of heroism. We want to celebrate your scar of bravery and happiness. Here are the three facts of C-section that every single person on this planet should know.


1. C-section mothers do not falter in the face of the consequences of the surgery

It’s not uncommon to think that a C-section is a fairly ordinary process, but the truth of the matter is that it is a major operation. And while the rest of the surgeries only present a risk for the person going through it, C-section presents a risk to two lives—both of mother and the child.

Moreover, in most cases, doctors may not allow the father of the child or other family members of the woman to be present in the operating room (unlike vaginal delivery where people are allowed). This means that she has to go through this scary process all on her own sans support and with the feeling that anything can happen.

You cannot find a better example of a real struggle than when a pregnant woman is in the OT, battling it out alone just to get the chance to hold her baby in her arms.


2. C-section mothers can never be sure if they and their babies are fine till they are out of the OT

A C-section is one process where the dangers do not end after the successful delivery of the child. For doctors to be absolutely sure that everything is fine and that the surgery was a success, they have to wait till the effect of the anesthesia wears off.

Moreover, even though the mother is given anesthesia when the surgery is performed, it is only local anesthesia, which means that she is completely conscious and aware of what’s going on during the entire process even she does not feel the pain of it. C-section can be a very invasive process and even be traumatizing for most, but its rewards are great. It’s just not for the faint-hearted.


3. C-section mothers brave the recovery period as real stars

Like all mothers, when a C-section mother’s baby is born, the toddler takes up all of her time and becomes the center of her universe. She unquestionably complies with the demands of her little one unflinchingly even though she is constantly in great pain. Discomfort and pain are common parts of the recovery of a C-section.

She fights her pain, pushes beyond the limits of strength and works on pure willpower to provide for her baby, making her the strongest person you will ever know. And the best part about her? Regardless of how tough everything is for her, she does it with her brave face on, smiling through the travails and trials of motherhood. She never shows her pain, and she never takes the backseat when it comes to her baby, going through endless diaper changes, feeding sessions, and sleepless nights with the patience and strength that only she can muster.

You will not find another soul and body that is emotionally and physically as strong as that of a C-section mother. The scars on her belly are not of shame or weakness that she did not have the stamina to go through a natural delivery. No, these are scars of beauty as something truly beautiful had been born of them. 

These scars are marks of pride at having fought through the thorns of difficulty that motherhood had thrown her way. These scars are a mark of victory at having been able to care and nurture for her child against all odds, conquering the pain that the surgery had left her with. These scars are her identity that transforms her from a person to a woman who possesses the power to give and nurture life.

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