Nicotine vaping might not be as healthy was first thought

Published : 23 Sep 2017, 17:24

Jagoroniya Desk

A new report has warned that e-cigarettes containing nicotine might be more harmful to people’s health than first thought, potentially putting vapers at an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The study said the devices with the stimulant could cause a stiffening of the arteries, increased heart rate as well as blood pressure.

The scientists – based in Sweden – used 15 healthy volunteers who had never previously used e-cigarettes.

After using the devices for 30 minutes with nicotine the scientists found that there had been a significant increase in blood pressure, heart rate and arterial stiffness among the case studies. But those using the devices without nicotine did not suffer the same effects.

Dr. Magnus Lundback, of the Danderyd University Hospital, Karolinska Institute, said there had been a dramatic increase in the number of e-cigarette users.

“E-cigarettes are regarded by the general public as almost harmless… The e-cigarette industry markets their product as a way to reduce harm and to help people to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, the safety of e-cigarettes is debated, and a growing body of evidence is suggesting several adverse health effects,” Lundback said.
He said that while the results were only preliminary, the stiffening of arteries “increased around three-fold” in those using the devices with nicotine compared to those who were not exposed to nicotine.

Lundback said while effects were temporary, chronic expose could cause permanent arterial stiffening.

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