Veggie Cheese Toast

Published : 11 Jul 2017, 18:59

Jagoroniya Desk

Veggie Cheese Toast is a delicious American recipe that will impress your loved ones with it's taste.

This dish is a healthy recipe made with the goodness of vegetables like yellow bell peppers, capsicums and tomatoes. Feel free to experiment with the topping and you can also add more colourful vegetables to this dish and make this snack recipe healthier. This toast recipe is an apt choice for brunch and breakfast.

Enjoy the tempting flavours of this easy recipe with some tomato ketchup or with mustard sauce. Either way, this easy-to-make breakfast recipe will make your hungry soul smile and will dive you into a world of deliciousness.


4 slices brown bread
1/2 teaspoon basil
30 gm yellow bell pepper
30 gm tomato
8 tablespoon cream cheese
1/2 cup cheese-cheddar
30 gm capsicum (green pepper)

How to make Veggie Cheese Toast:

Step 1

To prepare this yummy dish, take some slices of brown bread or choose any other alternatives like multi grain bread or even simple white bread will be good to go. Meanwhile take some vegetables like yellow bell pepper, capsicum and tomato and chop them finely.

Step 2

Next, lay your bread in the a tray and evenly spread the cream cheese on it. Then top up with some chopped tomatoes, yellow bell peppers and capsicums on the bread.

Step 3

Next take some cheddar cheese and grate it in a bowl. Now use this grated cheddar to sprinkle it on the bread slices. Then sprinkle some dried basil leaves on the bread to add a little flavour to the dish.

Step 4

Microwave these slices for about 2 minutes or you can also use a toaster and toast these bread for at least 5 minutes. Your veggie cheese toast is done. Add some more cheese to make this toast more delicious.

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