47 new death keeps the toll rising, 2666 new infections in last 24 hours

Published : 12 Jul 2020, 15:01

Jagoroniya Desk

Bangladesh saw another 2,666 coronavirus patients detected Sunday, raising the overall number of infections to 1,83,795.

During the time , the country reported 47 new death victims, rising the total number of deaths to 2,352.

Health officials announced another 5,580 people recovered from the disease in one day, increasing the total number of recoveries to 93,614.

Additional Director-General of the Health Services Directorate (DGHS) Prof Dr. Nasima Sultana came up with the revelation in his daily health newsletter.

77 coronavirus research laboratories around the country have tested 11,307 samples in the last 24 hours.

On Friday the identification rate of new patients was reported 24.11 percent while the overall infection rate since March 8 is 19.54 percent.

The recovery rate is 50.93 percent against the total number of cases reported, and the mortality rate is 1.28 percent in the nation.

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