Travel Asia: The quiet places

Photo: Sajek Valley in Bangladesh

Published : 11 Aug 2017, 11:13

Jagoroniya Desk

Dreaming of a long getaway to a quiet place, far from the madding crowd. More and more people are looking for new destinations and lesser known places to de-stress and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Well, you too can look forward to beat the stress in some less crowded exotic places in Asia and experience the exhilarating joy and beauty of travelling.

Here are some quiet places where the sound of silence and nature alone can take away all your weariness. Here, you can be one with nature and feel untold bliss. The names are as exotic as the places! You have to learn to pronounce them in the local twang to get it right.

  • Sajek Valley in Bangladesh: Hill tracks are some of the best of things that can offer an awesome adventure as well as some crazy views. Then if someone says you can touch clouds there with your own hand, then it becomes something else, something unreal. There are not a lot of hilly areas in the world that can offer this mind-blowing experience. Sajek Valley of Rangamati is one of them which can.

Sajek Valley is situated at Sajek union of BaghaichariUpazila in Rangamati. This is known as the biggest Union of Bangladesh. It is approximately 2000 feet high from the sea level. Sajek valley is named after a river that originated from Karnafuli also called Sajek. For its height it is also called “Roof of Rangamati”.

  • Ngapali in Myanmar: A long, wide open beach with white sand, this could be the place if you are looking for a real time alone holiday. As quiet as could be by the clear blue sea of the Bay of Bengal, with not a soul in sight, you may find a spiritual journey here. While the place remain pristine, there are good places to stay.
  • Nha Trang in Vietnam: Quiet and calm, it is a God-made destination for those who want to get away from crowded places and busy streets of cities. Rich in sea life, it has a serene and beautiful seaside promenade. Peaceful and stunningly beautiful, it gives a feel of what a paradise could be. Drown yourself in the soft white sands and the warm blue sea water, and soak up the silence.
  • Uluwatu in Indonesia: It houses one of Bali's most important temples, Pura Luhur Uluwatu atop a sort of plateau by the ocean. Apart from the spiritual significance of the place, its amazing limestone cliffs overlooking the ocean below is breathtaking. The travel around its long and pristine coastline is a heavenly experience.
  • Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka: Travel to this ancient city, one of Buddhism holiest places and enjoy a pilgrim holiday. It is where where Buddha found enlightenment, Travel to this old planned city, with palaces, monasteries and cemeteries dating back to 377BC. Visit the stepped pools and bell-shaped stupas or dagobas and the Archaeological Museum.
  • Maui in Hawaii: A tiny island, tucked away across the ocean, Maui is a perfect holiday spot. You can surf and wind surf, swim under the waterfall, go scuba diving, snorkeling, golfing and hiking. Watch the magnificent sunrise and majestic sunset from a top a volcano, and more. Kiheii is a must visit while in Maui.
  • Dong Valley in India: Touching three countries--India, China and Myanmar--this small hamlet in Arunachal Pradesh is located in the eastern most corner of the country. From here, you can witness the first sunrise in the country. You can spend a long peaceful holiday here and experience the unique life and culture in this far away part of the country surrounded by nature's beauty.
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