'No alternative of open access in research'

Published : 11 May 2017, 02:22

Jagoroniya Desk

Open access will make the research work easier. Through this the researchers can easily reach to their desired destinations. It will also help to find the righteous information.

The speakers on an open workshop on "Open Access- A useful Tool for Research and Education", organized by Open Access Bangladesh, at Public Library VIP Auditorium, said so.

Mr. Kanok Monirul Islam, Convener of OAB, Presided over the workshop and Engineer Shuvra Kar, member secreteriate of OAB conducted the sessions. Dr. Susmita Das, joint Convener of OAB delivered a welcome speech at the begining of the workshop. After that Kanok Monirul Islam gave an overview on OA and OAB through a power point presentation.

Dr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman, an advisor of OAB also gave a power point presentation that brought out the history and scopes of OA as well as many positive and negative sides regarding the publication of a research paper in a journal. 

Mr. Joe McArthur, Assistant Director, Right to Research Coalition, Convener of OA UK and Mr. Nick Shockey, Director of SPARC, Organizer of OpenCon, sent their video messages on this occasion which were also showed in this session.

Next Shafina Shegun, head of marketing, Taylor & Francis, gave a presentation on OA from the view of publishers, Trend of research in Bangladesh, Writing a research paper and How to get published the research paper. Then there was a questionnaire round where Neete Verma gave answers on behalf of Taylor & Francis.

There was also a quiz round and the winners were rewarded.

In the next session Kazi Habibul Awal, Former Defense Secretary, Ministry of Defense, The people’s Republic of Bangladesh and Chairmen, Centre  for Legal Studies BD, Ltd; Mohammad Kaykobad, Professor, BUET; Tariq Haider, Former District and session Judge and faculty member, Centre for Legal Studies BD, Ltd; Dr. Anisuzzaman Khan, advisor of OAB, Chief Reasecher, Isabela Foundation and Md. Golam Mustafa, Advisor of OAB, Publisher, Hakkani Publication were present as guest speakers.

In this session, Dr. Anisujjaman Khan said, "Knowledge can never be handcuffed within boundaries. There is no alternative of open access in research. Open information and open research will take forward the country & the society as well."

Former secretary Kazi Habibul Awal said, "It is very difficult to buy the research papers from the journals with a high value, for a developing country like us. I hope, OAB will make the study and research materials open to students-teachers and reseachers to make research easier."

At the end of the program the guests and co-operetive partners were honored with gifts from OAB.

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