Zahid Hasan and Purnima reunited onscreen

Published : 25 Aug 2016, 15:51

Jagoroniya Desk

Notable actors Zahid Hasan and Purnima became household favorites after their performances in TV play “Lal Neel Beguni,” which ran for 350 episodes. Directed by Zahid Hasan himself, he played a character named Ratul whereas Purnima appeared as Athoi.

However the two had not been seen together for 10 years after the series ended. All that will change. The artistes are now cast in a single-episode TV play titled “Priyo Rong Holud.” Scripted and directed by Imraul Rafat, the TV play is set to be released for Eid-ul-Azha.

Asked about being reunited onscreen with Purnima, Zahid Hasan said, “I found the experience extremely enjoyable. It has been 10 long years!” His co-star Purnima shared, “Aside from our professional relationship, we are like family. Working together for such a long time in 'Lal Neel Beguni' strengthened our bond and it feels wonderful to be working with him again.”

Playing the role of a married couple, shooting is underway in Dhaka's Moghbazaar. “The audience will enjoy our on screen banter and fights,” added Purnima.

Source: thedailystar

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