Bubli slams Apu Biswas

Published : 11 Apr 2017, 16:20

Jagoroniya Desk


Actress Shabnam Bubli has taken a swipe on fellow movie star Apu Biswas on a social media site following the latter's live interview on a TV channel on Monday.

Bubli alleged Apu cannot stand anyone making a successful pair with Shakib.

The news that Bubli would be acting with Shakib in the film Rongbaz was the reason behind Opu's outburst, she alleged.

Bubli took to Facebook to say, “She (Apu) told Shakib through others to either get the media do a news that they would be doing a movie together or ask newsmen to not run stories about we two pairing up.

Or else he would have to face dire consequences, she had threatened."

"It means everything would have been kept a secret if she could get herself paired up with Shakib in a movie. Then what would have happened to the child? And his recognition?"

"I did not want to say anything, but people have been making a few allegations. So, I had to speak up," said Bubli.

She also said she has a good understanding with Shakib and she respects him a lot and she wants to keep things that way.

Source: Prothom Alo

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