Sonam Kapoor gets trolled once again

Published : 22 Apr 2017, 17:23

Jagoroniya Desk

Recently, Sonam Kapoor expressed her anguish at being trolled for questioning the status quo and sometimes, the government in a heartfelt column for a leading daily. The 'Neerja' actor's column soon went viral, but for the wrong reason.

A part of the column read asked readers to recall a line from the national anthem which goes, "Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Issai". The part went viral and soon twitteratti began trolling Sonam for misquoting the national anthem.

Later, Sonam retaliated by tweeting, "Thank you so much twitter for the amazing response to my article and also to the #trolls who proved my point by the way they responded."

She also retweeted a Twitter user's tweet which said that the longer version of Jana Gana Mana actually had the line, "Hindu Bauddh Shikha Jain, Parasik Musolman Christaani."

Source: indiatimes

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