Remakes are almost plagiarism: Rituparna Sengupta

Published : 03 May 2017, 16:41

Jagoroniya Desk

I believe in original content. I also like adaptations but only to an extent that it doesn't tamper with my originality or creativity.

Where is the creativity in a scene-by-scene copy? I am blessed to have done mostly original stories although some have been adapted from literature. Literary adaptations are always welcome.

Years back, authors had written ground-breaking pieces of literature that are relevant even to this day. Why not adapt those? Remake, to me, is almost plagiarism. A copy, in whatever form it may be, isn't a healthy approach to filmmaking. When you remake a movie, you set your work up for dissection.

This is when audiences start comparing the original and the remake, wondering which one is better. And more often than not, it's the former. The reason being lack of sensibility. The language, milieu, backdrops and even costumes down south are starkly different from that in Bengal.

The sentiments don't work because audiences don't relate to them. As actors, we must fight for original content. We are letting go of the uniqueness Bengal has. Films from Bengal should be remade and shown to world audience.

Every regional film industry has a certain aura to it — the onus lies on us to keep that alive. We must aim to beat other industries when it comes to fresh, original content instead of lifting them from elsewhere.

Source: timesofindia

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