Sona Mohapatra slams Justin Bieber, takes a sly dig at actor-singers again

Published : 12 May 2017, 18:20

Jagoroniya Desk

Singer Sona Mohapatra hit headlines when she joined Armaan Malik in his tirade against Indian actors who were reportedly supposed to perform at Justin Bieber's concert in India. Sona ended up getting blocked by Sonakshi Sinha, who was the target of her anger then.

This time around, it's Justin Bieber who's at the receiving end of Sona's fury. After reports surfaced that the fans were disappointed at Justin's performance at the concert with many even accusing the Canadian singer of lip-syncing, Sona tweeted a snapshot of some comments slamming the concert and wrote, "So maybe I was wrong after all @ArmaanMalik22. This wouldn't be a worthy stage for you. Best left to the 'actors' of singing."


Source: tnn

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