Lux Superstars enjoy busy celeb lives

Published : 29 May 2018, 16:46

Jagoroniya Desk

They might have hardly imagined a life of lights, camera and action, but the evening of 11 May completely changed their lives. Wherever they go now, they are treated as celebrities.

These are the Lux stars, Mim Mantasha, Sarwat Azad, and Samia Othoi.

Winner of the Lux Super Star-2018 crown, Mim said, ''Whenever I go out, I have to take photos with fans. That’s why I try to avoid crowds and public places.''

The beauty pageant winner also said that she used to lead an ordinary life as a student of Jahangirnagar University. "My life was black and white just one year ago, but it's now so colourful. People have started recognising me and discussing about me. I enjoy this.'' 

Besides enjoying her celebrity life, Mim is now busy shooting for the small screen. A week after she won the Lux Super Star title, she began acting in a telefilms, ‘Bhaboghure’, opposite Tahsan, who was a judge in the contest.

The two runners up also shared similar experiences.

First runner up Sarwat Azad has already completed a number of photo-shoots as a model. She has also started acting for a single-episode TV play 'The Boss' with Mosharraf Karim.

Sarwat Azad said, "My friends are eager to know about my story. Relatives are greeting me. Many things have been added to my life and I'm enjoying it."

Among the Lux stars, second runner up Samia Othoi is the busiest. She completed the shooting for a 10-episode TV series 'Chilekothar Galpo' being made by Bashar Georges.

She said, "The TV series will go on air on several TV channels before Eid.''

Othoi is also working for a TV play 'Chand Uthechhe Phool Phutechhe' by Rezanur Rahman.

Talking about the beauty pageant, she said, "I've learnt a lot of things from the contest. It's time to implement all that."

Among twelve thousand participants all over the country, Samia Othoi, Mim Mantasha, Sarwat Azad, reached the finale through various phases such as photo shoots, acting, dancing, ramp modelling sessions and much more.

Source: Prothom Alo

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