Woman outrages Mumsnet after revealing details of her unusual cinema-based sex life

Published : 19 Nov 2016, 15:38

Jagoroniya Desk

It takes a lot to shock people on the internet nowadays. We live in an age of oversharing, and as a result, most people think they’ve heard it all.

So when one woman recently shared a story of a particular sex habit, the outraged reaction she received said a lot.

The anonymous woman admitted that she and her husband, both in their 40s, have an adventurous sex life, even more so than when they were younger.
“He's quite an exhibitionist and I suppose I am too,” revealed the woman, and one way in which this manifests itself is their habit of touching each other in the cinema whenever they go and watch a film. 

Perhaps in an effort to play down her story, she added that they tend to go to quiet screenings in the afternoon and “it's usually at least a certificate 15 film so there are no young kids around.”

Despite admitting that she gets “really turned on”, the woman had started to worry about being caught and taken to the police.

And it’s unlikely that the responses she received will make her feel any better.

People were appalled, which is all the more noteworthy as the discussion appeared on Mumsnet, where comments are usually supportive on the whole. 

There were frequent calls to place the woman and her husband on the sex offenders’ register, “and you'd both deserve it,” wrote one user. 
At the very least, people wanted the woman to be caught: “I hope you suffer the consequences including losing your jobs,” said one.

The woman was called “disgusting”, “vile”, “gross”, “rank” and “f*cking grim”. 

Many people gave her a sharp dressing down: “You clearly have no sense of boundaries and lack maturity,” wrote one person. 

Another was concerned about the youths that could possibly catch the couple, saying: “It doesn't make it ok for you to w*nk off just because the CHILD is 15.”

As well as telling the woman to stop, many people revealed they’d reported her. “Don't make other people play a part in your sex life unless they are aware of it,” implored one person.

The majority of people who read the woman’s story were disgusted, ordering her to “have some self control”.

However a few people seemed concerned at the same time and offered advice: “I suggest you and your husband have some sex therapy, if you can only get off in public places, something’s not right,” wrote one person.


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