US Teen's Pet Snake Gets Stuck In Her Earlobe

Published : 03 Feb 2017, 15:43

Jagoroniya Desk

A US teen has become a social media sensation after she lived to tell the tale of how her pet snake ended up stuck in her earlobe.

Seventeen-year-old Ashley Glawe, of Oregon, was rushed to the hospital after her pet python Bart slithered through her stretch-pierced earlobe as she was taking selfies and became stuck.

"I kind of went into shock," she told local media about the January incident. "I started shaking."

The young woman tried to pull the ball python out on her own but called the emergency services after it wouldn't budge.

Firefighters were also unable to help and she was finally taken to the hospital, where staff numbed her ear and used lubricant to extract the snake.

Source: NDTV

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