Tell a story and win a heart

Published : 19 Jun 2017, 18:28

Jagoroniya Desk

It was something quite silly he uttered, but nevertheless funny, and she laughed. It was easy. He won her attention and drew her closer to his heart with just a line from a story. A story of long ago, or something he made it up just to draw her attention. And, he did it, he cast a spell on her. 

A good vibe filled with laughter, no matter how silly, can work wonder. Smiles and laughter are always appealing. And, storytelling can be magical. This is supported by a study which found that a man can win a woman's heart through storytelling, and a good story teller is more desirable and sexy. This is explained by the emotional connect between the storyteller and the listener.

An emotional connect is created when a listener can relate to a story being told. You can reach out, or touch someone's heart with a touching or funny story. A story told in an interesting manner also indicates the man's sense of humour and wittiness. It can reveal an interesting side of him.

In the study published in the journal Personal Relationships, researcher Kari Winter is quoted as saying:"Stories are profoundly intimate. It is empowering to the teller because they get recognition from the listener. And it is empowering to the listener because it helps them understand the teller." Kari Winter’s work covers history and literature in the Atlantic world since the 18th century.

So, learn the art of storytelling. Next time you meet a girl and while you have the time, woo her with a story. Spin her a love story that would take her to another world and reveal an interesting side of you. It can build a connect and the bond may be strengthened. It will help to share and laugh or cry together. Tell a story and deepen a relationship. It will help to make an unforgettable memory together.

Source: thestatesman

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