Trendy sunglasses can harm your eyes!

Published : 19 Jun 2017, 18:31

Jagoroniya Desk

"In my pink sunglasses... Always makes the world look a little bit better... You can try'em anytime you need a change of the weather..." Miranda Lambert sings.

Yes, sunglasses work like magic! They can make you look better and make the world look a lot better. But, they can also harm you if you are wearing a bad one!

Now, it's hot and sunny outside, Sure, your beautiful eyes need protection from the bright sun rays which can damage the eye retina. But, wearing poor quality glares may be harmful to the eyes and may not help in shielding the eyes from the harmful UV rays. So, bear in mind few steps while buying sunglasses.

Avoid fake sunglasses: Buy quality sunglasses of better known brands from a well-known shop. Go for those with well-known trademark that ensures quality of the glasses. Choose the ones that are comfortable and that stay easy on your face. It should also look good on you.

Listen to experts’ advice: Experts say you should buy glasses with polycarbonate lenses that give comfort and optical clarity. They also say that polarised glasses provide best visual clarity. They are said to protect your eyes not only when you are out in the sun, but even under water and in snowy weather.

Fashion statement: While sunglasses are needed to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays outside and the dirt and grime in the air, they also make up as beautiful and smart fashion accessories. Wearing trendy sunglasses gives out a strong fashion and style statement. It reflects one's personality.

Frames and face-cut: Don't wear what looks good on others. Chosse the frames that suit your face-cut. Buying and wearing the right ones that suit your face cut can enhance your beauty. Hence, it is important to understand one’s own face type – round, oval, square or heart shape, and buy the pairs that suit one’s face. Also, it should cover your entire eye portion. The frame should fit your face properly. An ill-fitting pair of glasses can spoil your look and hurt you.

Keeping all these in mind, while the market is flooded with fancy and trendy sunglasses, it is advisable to buy them from well-known shops and opt for good quality ones.  And, when you are wearing the right ones, it is easy to step out in style. Make sure to match the colour of the frames with the colour of your clothes.

Source: thestatesman

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