Nail the braid style

Published : 21 Jun 2017, 17:01

Jagoroniya Desk

Braids have always fascinated the fashionistas. Be it a cocktail party, an afternoon luncheon or a trip, braids work wonders for girls. From a non- fussy, neat braid to loose, partial braids, one can wear glamorous style as per the occasion.

Here are few pretty braid hair style which you can flaunt anywhere. One can follow these steps easily to get that perfect braid look. The look can be complemented with easy, light make up and accessories for a complete gorgeous look!

Style name:‘Twist n Twirl’

Procedure: Part the hair neatly in the center and the sides.

Take one inch of the center and split into two and twist this section into a braid.

Make multiple braids and and lay them over each other starting from left to the right.

Now, secure the braids by using hair pins. Keep repeating and creating twist braids.

Repeat twisting the braids on right and left.

Finally, twist all the braids that were made together in a regular braid and then take the leftover of the hair and divide it into sections.

Treat each section individually by wrapping it around the curling iron.

The final look one can get would not only complement a little black dress but could be easily carried off with an evening gown or an afternoon dress.

Source: thestatesman

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