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Published : 21 Jun 2017, 17:04

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It is a simple, small piece of cloth, but a scarf lend style, fashion and comfort to the wearer. It also has spiritual significance.

A scarf worn around the neck, drape around the shoulder or tied around the waist or head makes the wearer look stylish and fashionable. It can enhance ones' look.

Not only is a scarf a style accessory, it also helps to protect you from the cold windy weather and the hot sun. It is an all-season must have. You can cover your head for shade from the scorching sun or from the wind. Wearing it around your neck also keeps it warm and protect you from cold and cough. And, sometimes, just slinging it around gives a sense of comfort.

The origin of the scarf is traced to ancient Rome and was used as "sweat cloth" to wipe the face and neck clean with it when out in the sun. Over the years it came to be used as an essential style and fashion item. 

Scarf also has a religious purpose and spiritual significance. Women use scarves to cover their head while praying, as a sign of humility and respect to God.

In some cultures, women adorn their head with scarves as a traditional wear, or cover their head all the time as a mark of tradition. Some women wear it for practical purpose. They cover their hair to prevent it from falling in the food when they are in the kitchen or are preparing meals.

Scarves come in varied shapes -square, long rectangle and triangle. Some with tassels, some without and some with laced borders. It comes in varied patterns, colours and fabrics.

In summer

Cool shades are ideal for the sunny weather. It gives a touch of coolness and freshness to your looks. Cotton scarves are the softest and are suitable for summer. They aborb sweat and rainwater on your skin.

In monsoon

Scarves in bright and bold hues lend a dash of vibrancy to your look in the dull and gloomy weather. Scarves in chiffon or silky fabrics are ideal for rainy days. Silk or chiffon scarves, when wet, dry easily and quickly. Silk fabric also stay fresh, crease free and durable even when drenched.

All weather

Cotton scarves are ideal for all weather. They are softest and safest to use for all, come rain or shine. Knitted and netted ones are always in trend. 

How to choose the right scarf

The beauty of scarves is that they can be worn with any dress. They can be worn any time, at work places, at formal functions, at parties, or as casual wear. All you have to keep in mind is the patterns, designs and shades of the scarves. They should blend with the colour scheme of the clothes you are wearing. Scarf can be worn by both men and women. Those worn around the neck are also called Kremer.

A simple scarf can splash style, comfort and fashion. Carry a scarf in your bag always even if you don't want to wear. It would come of use to wipe your face or even your hands. Keep it trendy and stay in style.

Source: thestatesman

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