7 Things Men Do That Destroy Their Sperms

Published : 04 Aug 2017, 18:15

Jagoroniya Desk

Fertility is a fundamental aspect of well-being when it comes to adults who are in their prime reproductive age. The process of procreation is a necessary aspect of Nature, and not being able to do so, for whatever reason, is not a very nice thing to deal with.

What is worse is to be judged on the grounds of your fertility and equating your reproductive abilities to your masculinity. Well, did you ever think that what your man does on an everyday basis is actually affecting his sperms, both in terms of number and, in some cases, the quality? Surprised?

Go ahead and read these 7 things your man is probably doing that are in some way or the other destroying his sperms.

1. Poor Lifestyle Choices
Bad lifestyle patterns have encroached every aspect of human existence. Obesity and habits like smoking and drinking alcohol take a toll on your general well-being, and your fertility is no exception. A study conducted to research the effects of obesity on male fertility states that obesity negatively impacts fertility mainly due to hormonal irregularities (1). Thankfully, the study also suggests that with minor dietary and lifestyle changes, this problem could be reversed. Note that poor lifestyle not only affects the quantity and quality of the sperms but also hampers the fertilization process and pregnancy in the partner. Staying fit and healthy if you are planning a kid is not just for your benefit anymore, but would also make sure your children are born healthy and stay healthy all their life.

2. Taking Stress
As if physiological stress wasn’t already driving you nuts, psychological stress is getting the better of you too. Stress is yet another major factor contributing to poor sperm parameters and a faltered spermatogenesis (2). Your man’s moods and psychological temperament directly influence the production of testosterone. There is a drastic change in the secretion of testosterone under circumstances of both physiological and psychological stress. Search for methods to vent the emotions he has been piling up since forever for that cathartic effect his mind and body need. The repercussions of accumulated stress, in fact, are not worth it.

3. Prolonged Exposure To Heat
Sounds strange, but yes, the ambient temperature he spends most of the time in is linked with the spermatogenesis in his body. For the production of healthy sperms, the optimum temperature should be 34-35o C (3). Anything beyond it will damage the sperm motility and DNA. The next time he is working with the laptop on his lap, remember what the heat can do to his sperms. Also, if he is working in an atmosphere that involves staying in a hot environment, he needs to look for methods to keep his body cool. Otherwise, he might have to compromise with his reproductive life if he continues staying in such environments for prolonged periods.

4. Eating Unhealthy Food
Increased consumption of processed meat and soy foods is related to decreased sperm count. Also, the portion size makes a huge difference. Men who consume less meat have a better sperm count and quality than men who indulge in excessive eating, particularly meat. Also, oxidative stress is known to be one of the important factors affecting male fertility. Drinking alcohol, soda, smoking, and binging on empty calories – all cause oxidative stress in the body and directly influence male fertility in an adverse way.

5. Cycling
The dichotomy – whether cycling can affect fertility in men or not – continues to persist. However, it is important to remember that the testicular area and the rectum are constantly under pressure and friction while cycling, which invariably influences the reproductive functioning. Also, this effect on spermatogenesis or sperm quality is seen mainly in athletes who indulge in excessive vigorous and long distance cycling. Of course, you can’t deny that there could be drop in the testosterone levels with any form of intense physical activity, which also negatively influences fertility. Nonetheless, it is suggested that he get off that bike if you both are planning to have a child sometime soon.

6. Consuming Foods From Plastic And Metal Containers
There’s something that plastic and cans share in common, and that is a chemical called Bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA is used as a plasticizer in manufacturing plastic bottles and in the inner lining of metal cans. This chemical interferes with the way the sex hormones work, and this affects the functioning of the sperms (4). To avoid such complications, make sure he avoids eating food that is stored in plastic containers and also refrains from eating canned food.

7. Excessive Usage Of Wi-Fi
The heat from the laptop is damaging enough for testicular health, and now, it is the Wi-Fi. This wireless connection emits electromagnetic radiation, which decreases the capacity of the sperm to move. Also, the heat and the radiation damage the DNA of the sperm. However, unfortunately, today’s world can’t seem to function without both the laptop and the Wi-Fi. This is exactly why doctors urge men to at least stop working with the laptops on their laps or anywhere close to their male parts.

Could you imagine that the water you drink from that random store-bought bottle or even working on your laptop in the comfort of your homes could secretly be causing serious damage to your abilities to procreate? Sounds frightening, doesn’t it? Anyway, since you are now aware of what could damage your partner’s potential to procreate, be safe. How does it feel to know that something as simple as the hamburger he gorges on everyday can lead to infertility? I am all ears. Comment below to let me know.

Source: stylecraze

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