Kill depression with small lifestyle changes

Go ahead, do the things you always wanted to do. Dance and sing the blues away

Published : 21 Aug 2017, 18:20

Jagoroniya Desk

Depression can hit anyone, any age group, at any time. The causes, of course, vary from person to person. Depression is a part of any normal life. 

Everyone suffers from it one way or the other. However, a serious condition of depression caused by an intense feeling of hopelessness and pessimism can be quite fatal and suicidal. Hence, one must not ignore any signs of depression.  

If you find yourself or your dear ones suffering from any signs of depression, make a few lifestyle changes to overcome it.

Eat and sleep well: One of the best things to do when one is depressed, the feeling of being lonely, empty, hopeless, useless and troubled is to eat well and sleep well. However, the feeling of depression can give you troubled sleep, insomnia or sleeplessness and one may not feel like eating. Hence, whatever little you eat, choose your food wisely and eat healthy food that would induce sleep. Physical activities that help burn body fats and calories also trigger a sense of hunger and make you eat better and sleep better. Indulge in physical activities of your choice.

Think positive: Pessimism or negative thoughts and outlook in life can cause depression. Make the best use of the power of positive thinking. Start looking at the brighter side of things and kill all negative thoughts with a positive approach to life. Fill your mind with positivity and early lessons in life – remember what your parents taught you and the wisdom of life they gave you.

Read great books and quotes: Inspirational books and writings help us see the best of things around us and the abundant blessings in our lives. Read biographies or autobiographies of great lives. They inspire and enlighten the readers. Reading inspirational books can help you dig the higher ground and help you see the reason to live.

Listen to music: Listening to music is one of the most common hobbies of young people. Let your favourite hobby remain even as you grow old. Try listening to different types and genres of music. Music can touch your heart and mind and take you to a new level of living. Sing and dance along or quietly listen to the meaning of the music.

Give More: Giving can give you happiness in return. The more you give the more come back to you. The feeling of goodness, when you start giving, starts shaping and building you with untold joy and pleasure. Do good to others. Help someone and give more. The feeling of gratification or joyful satisfaction of doing a kind deed in life can change your life in special ways.

Take one moment in time: We learn to walk with little steps. Take little steps, one thing at a time, one day at a time. Tomorrow is yet to come. Today is yours. Do what you can do today. Leave the rest for tomorrow.

Make a secret note: When you feel down and lost, though speaking to close ones can help, opening up to anyone at that moment of depression may not be what you want to do. So, let your pen and paper be your best friend. Pour out all in the paper. Jot down all that bad or sad feeling in you. You will feel much better after it.

Give thanks and pray: Above all, learn to thank people, thank God for little things. The moment you start to pray, praise and thank God for every little thing, a sense of being blessed will fill your heart and mind.

Taking small steps and making small changes in your life can actually help you cope with the many problems and challenges in life and help fight depression. Go ahead, do the things you always wanted to do. Dance and sing the blues away.

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