The secret to a perfect dish

Published : 21 Sep 2017, 17:55

Jagoroniya Desk

Are you a big foodie or your own master chef? What’s the secret to your deliciously perfect dish? The latest buzz is actress Eva Longoria says she knows the secret to making a perfect burger.

The actress on Monday revealed her tricks on making a great burger on The Rachael Ray Show. Longoria tips jalapenos as her secret to her favourite burger.

You too can dish up a perfect something recipe. You are a self-learner and you know how to get it right. That good you are. You have never been to a cookery class. But you have been quietly watching the Master Chef show on TV. You have been following all the great recipes. Now you know all the tricks and trades of cooking and baking.

You are a great cook, so your friends and family members say. But sometimes, no matter how good you are, your favourite dish may not taste right. “There’s something lacking in it,” you’ve heard that line a bit too often.

Well, those of you who might have seen the 2008 film The Ramen Girl directed by Robert Allan Ackerman would know what’s the secret to perfect cooking.

As home is where the heart is, so is a perfect dish. While cooking is an art, one’s heart and soul is required to perfect the art of making anything.

Many may be skilled, some passionate about their skills, and a lucky few find their passion.

Those who find their passion put their heart, mind and soul to it. Nothing can stop them. They go kicking the dust with their silver spur and shine on. There lies the secret to the beauty of doing things in life, be it cooking, writing, painting, working…

Think about the things you love. Do the things you love to do. Don’t waste time doing something you don’t like.

If you have to do what you have to do, look at the bright side of it. Get going, and learn to love what you do.

Cook or work for the love of it and give your best. Doing what you do and loving what you do will surely help you to turn things around for the best, and will give you the joy of living.

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