Skincare tips for winter days

Published : 30 Oct 2017, 18:29

Jagoroniya Desk

Extra skincare is a must during winter. A few simple home skincare tips can keep your skin glowing and beautiful in the winter months.

Your skin, no doubt, needs extra skincare during winter. The cold air during the dry months can damage your skin if you failed to take proper care of your it. A few simple home skincare tips can keep your skin glowing and beautiful in the winter months.

Although you may not suffer from dry skin, try out these simple home skincare tips for soft and supple skin in the cold months.

How to keep your skin glowing in winter

Hydrate: In winter, your skin needs extra moisturiser. Hydrate your body and keep your skin well moisturised by drinking plenty of fluids and eating food that has high water content. Apply good-quality moisturiser on your skin and oil your body well.

Vitamin rich diet: Make sure to add vitamin A and vitamin E rich food in your meal plan. Vitamin-rich food not only make your skin glow but also keep you healthy and protect you from common ailments.

Avoid hot bath: Hot water baths take out the moisture from the skin. Avoid them. Take bath with lukewarm water and protect your skin from dryness.

Safety clothes: Wear clothes that cover your body well. The skin, when exposed to cold air, dries and chaps easily.

Use aloe vera extract: Natural gel directly extracted from aloe vera leaf if applied for half an hour before bath moisturise the skin from deep inside, leaving it smooth and vibrant.

Avoid high-alcohol product: Avoid make up products with high alcohol content, as it tends to dry up the skin.

Exfoliate: Exfoliate your skin with vitamin C rich lemon juice. The citric acid in the juice will remove the dryness as well as the darkness often caused by the sun during winter. It will also renew the skin cells, making it glow.

Home-made face packs: Soaked almond paste combined with raw milk, lemon juice and gram flour; oatmeal paste combined with lemon juice; ripe papaya paste and buttermilk face packs are perfect for winter glow.

Avoid face scrubs: Avoid frequent face scrubs as it may dry up the skin

Avoid junk food: Avoid eating sugary and junk food, as they are unhealthy food which dark effects show up on the skin.

A wide array of winter skincare products is available in the market, but some may not suit your skin. So, try these home remedies and keep your skin moisturised and glowing throughout the winter season.

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