Foodie’s guidebook for 2018: Treat your taste buds differently!

Published : 02 Jan 2018, 17:15

Jagoroniya Desk

As the new year has just ringed in, it's time to treat your taste buds differently.

As the new year has just ringed in, it’s time to treat your taste buds differently. New Year brings about a lot of resolutions, but a foodie’s should be different and exciting in many different ways. Here are a few resolutions every foodie should consider this year:

1. Learning a new cooking technique

Eating at cafes and food joints is good for a while but when it comes to last minute cooking, learning a few extra techniques this year will help expanding your foodie arsenal and broaden the types of foods you will be able to cook with your own twist. Having a skill in cooking when you yourself are a foodie is like a solider that can make his own weapons. Try learning and mastering the techniques like baking, grilling or simply how to plate up a dish better, as these techniques are few of many that can be learned by any foodie to make his or her cooking reach the next level.

2. Getting a health partner

When a foodie goes overboard we tend to concentrate on the flavour and not on our health. Getting a health partner could help us do just that. Both the health partners eat as much as they want but under a specific set of guidelines that fall back to detoxing at least once in two weeks. This would be a practice that will not only improve your overall health but give you an advantage over the other foodies to try out a variety of foods that might just become accessible to you because of your healthy condition.

3. Try out a new regional dish

Exploring dishes and food joints is one of the favourite pastimes of any foodie. So this year making a resolution to try out something new from a regional food joint should be one of the best resolutions you could pick. Regional foods are a brilliant way to taste another culture’s cuisines, skills and techniques and you can always gain the foodie insight to their recipes and keep exploring further on. Trying a new dish not only opens up options but also various new tastes on your palate. You might gain a new favourite before you know it…you never know before you try.

4. Give your kitchen the gift of new spices and a fresh workspace

To a foodie, a kitchen is a shrine where delicious and tasty foods are prepared to please the ‘stomach god’. Gaining new and fresh ingredients for your kitchen won’t only make your cooking experience better but your food tastier as well. The fresh aroma of spices will help your stomach envision the flavours and the final product will help completely satiate your tummy. Cleaning and scrubbing your kitchen space on the other hand will help maintaining a hygienic work area for all your food-related experiments after all a messy workplace is a devil’s hideout.

A foodie is an ever exploring person filled with the wanderlust of flavours and an unconditional love for food and these resolutions will make this new year a year to remember. Start gaining new experiences and start with them fast since an old wise foodie once said: “If it’s food then let it come !!!”

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