Gobhi with garlic and soya sauce

Published : 28 Jan 2018, 18:33

Jagoroniya Desk

We can go all week avoiding cooking saying no to kitchen ingredients due to busy work schedule. 

But now the weekend is here again. Start it with a leisurely-healthy breakfast and end up being really creative. Try making ‘garlic soya sauce gobhi’ and have a great time at breakfast table.

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes


Cauliflower                                    300 grams

Garlic                                                10 flakes

Green chillies                                    2

Soya sauce                                         2 tbsp

Tomato ketchup                                1 tbsp

Vinegar                                                1 tsp

Freshly ground black pepper            ¼ tsp

Salt                                                         to taste

Coriander leaves                                  few

Oil                                                           1 tbsp


Cut cauliflower into medium florets, crush garlic cloves, deseed green chillies and chop them finely.

 Chop fresh coriander leaves.

Blanch cauliflower florets to make them soft. Insert a knife in the stalk to check if it is cooked. Don’t overcook it.

Heat oil into a non-stick pan. Reduce flame and add garlic and green chillies. Saute till garlic turns its colour. Remove from fire.

Add soya sauce, tomato sauce and vinegar. Return to heat. Cook sauces for few seconds.

Add blanched cauliflower florets and salt. Give a good stir adding two tablespoons of water. Let it simmer for two minutes.

Turn off the flame. Add pepper powder and coriander leaves. Mix well.

Serve hot.

A good start would be to begin incorporating these yummy-healthy cooking practices so that you can enjoy your weekend in a productive way.

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