Types of roses and their meanings

Published : 07 Feb 2018, 17:25

Jagoroniya Desk

It is that time of the year when love is in the air and people around the world are busy making plans for Valentine’s Day celebrations. 

While many maintain that they don’t need one day to celebrate love and cherish their special ones, people, nevertheless, look forward to spending time with their loved ones and friends around this time.

While Valentine’s Day is the most hyped about, interestingly, people also observe the week leading up to February 14 as Valentine’s Week. This starts with Rose Day on February 7.

But then, did you know that the colour of the rose you choose to gift also has a peculiar significance attached to it?

So pick a rose for your loved ones alright, but keep in mind that each colour stands for a different sentiment and hence, happens to have a different meaning. For starters, you would not want to give your crush a yellow rose. Wondering why? Well, read on.

Red Rose

The red rose, undoubtedly, signifies an expression of love. They convey longing and desire. So, if you love someone or want to tell someone you have taken a liking to them, give a red rose, with fingers crossed that your message reaches them.

White Rose

The white rose stands for purity, chastity and innocence. These are most commonly used during two situations — wedding and funerals. As beautiful as white roses seem, you probably might want to avoid gifting them around this time, unless wedding bells are being rung.

Yellow Rose

Yellow is an expression of exuberance and friendship. Give this to a friend to brighten up her day, but be careful because yellow roses are also known to stand for infidelity.

Pink Rose

Pink stands for grace and in case you are all about celebrating Valentine’s in an unconventional way, you could gift pink roses to people in your life you look up to. The colour also stands for admiration, joy and gratitude.

Orange Rose

The orange colour represents fierce emotion. These deep-coloured blooms signify passion and energy. If you feel an intense desire for someone special, then opt for an orange rose to go with a red one to give a strong message.

Lavender Rose

Though found rarely, the colour of this rose conveys enchantment. It also means ‘love at first sight’. Well, you know what to do now.

Peach Rose

The peach colour signifies modesty. These roses subtly symbolise the first blush of love and appreciation. So, if you want to appreciate someone for their beauty and modesty, then peach is your colour.

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