Ramadan Recipes: Baked Potatoes

Published : 18 May 2018, 15:41

Jagoroniya Desk


By now, you're probably starting to get bored from all the typical Ramadan Iftar recipes.

Why not try this easy and yummy baked potatoes recipe? There's something so special about this scrumptious baked potatoes recipe; you'll enjoy the taste of the different layers of potatoes, soft sour cream, melted cheese and crunchy beef bacon.

Ingredients to make baked potatoes:

  * 4 potatoes (wash well, and leave skin)
  * 2 Tsp sour cream or light mayo
  * 4 pieces pastrami or beef bacon (cut into small pieces)
  * Cheddar cheese (shredded)
  * Salt
  * Olive oil

Steps to make baked potatoes:

 1. Heat oven to medium high. In an oven tray, put your potatoes and sprinkle salt and olive oil. Put in the oven until they're soft from the inside, and a bit crispy from the outside.

 2. Take each one and cut into half, remove the inside gently and try to keep a wall of potato flesh, so the skin doesn’t fall apart.

 3. In a bowl, and cheese, pastrami, salt, and mayo/sour cream. Mix very well, and put back inside the potato skin.

 4. Top each with cheese, and put them back into oven to melt the cheese.

 5. Get your serving plate, and voila.

Trust me, you'll love this easy baked potatoes recipe.

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