PM seeks greater digital tech role for RTI outreach

Published : 28 Sep 2016, 14:00

Jagoroniya Desk

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday laid importance on greater role of digital technology to outreach right to information to the people and for further strengthening the democracy and good governance in the country. 

"The role of digital technology is immense for the outreach of Right to Information (RTI)," she said in a message on the occasion of the International Right to Information Day to be observed tomorrow.

The premier added: "I believe the increased use of RTI and freedom of the press will establish the citizens' right to information and democracy and good governance will be strengthened further.

Wishing every success of the events of the day Sheikh Hasina said she was happy to know that 'International Right to Information Day' was set to be celebrated in Bangladesh like many other countries around the world with its theme being "Information ensures freedom and helps to create a golden Bangladesh".

The Prime Minister said her government laid special emphasis on implementing right to information to establish democratic rights, good governance and prevent corruption.

"Information is a necessary component for empowering citizens," she said adding that showing due respect to this right of the citizens, her government passed the 'Right to Information Act- 2009' and according to the provisions of this law, Information Commission was constituted. 

"As a result, the right of access to necessary information by the citizens and the mass-media has been established and people's empowerment has been accelerated," she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the Awami League government has continuously been playing a pioneering role in empowering and advancing the country's mass-media in the development process of the country. During 1996-2001 tenure, her government was the first to issue license to private satellite television channels.

To further expand the scope for free flow of information, she said, new channels of Bangladesh Television, BTV World and Sangsad Television, 41 private television channels were launched.

Moreover, she said, licenses were issued for 28 FM radio channels and 32 community radios.

"This has facilitated dissemination and disclosure of information, and created new employment opportunities. By the introduction of Sangshad Television, the sessions of the National Parliament could now be broadcast very easily. Now the country's media is enjoying complete freedom," the premier said.

Pointing out the commencement of the 'National Web Portal' with around 25 thousand websites, she said the gateway has linked unions, upazilas, districts, divisions, departments and ministries all over the country.

The Prime Minister said lower cost of internet usage has elevated the number of internet users to 65 million.

As a result, she said, the facilities for access to information reached the citizens' doorsteps which took forward the anticipation on accomplishing 'Digital Bangladesh' significantly.

Source: BSS

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