Genuine users getting back Facebook accounts

Published : 17 Apr 2017, 17:42

Jagoroniya Desk

The genuine Facebook users, whose accounts were blocked by the giant social media during its drive against fake accounts, are getting back their accounts.

However, Facebook did not say anything about the blocked or disabled accounts so far. They have not even shared the numbers of blocked accounts yet.

Md Badal, an online journalist, last night found his account active hours after it was disabled early Saturday.

“On March 3, Facebook send an authentication code to my phone but I ignored it. And that’s way, it might block my account,” said Badal.

After his account was blocked, he again tried to open it through using that verification code but it didn’t work, Badal added.

“Last evening Facebook again send me a verification code and I used it. After few hours, the authorities reopened my account.”

Shuvo, another account holder, also found his account active last evening after two days.

For the last two days, the Facebook authorities blocked huge number of accounts from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and a number of other countries saying those accounts were made up for getting inauthentic likes and comments.

Facebook also asked them to provide necessary information by clicking “submit an appeal” on its website.

Some users provided images of their identity cards, email IDs and their account names on Facebook for getting get back their accounts after this drive.

There are 2.6 crore Facebook accounts operating from Bangladesh, according to a report of “Digital in 2017 Global Overview” run by “We Are Social” and “Hootsuite”.

Source: thedailystar

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