16 countries, foreign organizations to monitor upcoming election

Published : 23 Dec 2018, 15:10

Jagoroniya Desk

A total of 178 observers representing 16 countries and foreign organizations have applied to the Election Commission (EC) to monitor the upcoming 11th parliamentary elections in Bangladesh.

EC sources said the observers comprise 97 foreigners and 81 local representatives.

The sources said 32 foreign observers representing international NGO network-Enfrell will monitor the December 30 polls.

France will deploy four observers, including Bangladeshis, while Japan is set to engage nine monitors, including five Bangladeshis. Spain will send one observer while Denmark will engage three monitors including two Bangladeshi.

The sources said Norway has taken a decision of employing two poll monitors, including one local.

There will be four observers from the US-based International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) including one foreigner and three locals.

Another US-based research agency-Democracy International (DI)-is expected to engage 24 poll monitors, including two foreigners and 22 Bangladeshis.

Three foreign observers from the Dependenta Kendall Initiative will monitor the polls. The Unites States will have 65 observers including 32 foreigners and 33 Bangladeshis.

Germany will send 8 observers, of them, six are foreigners and two Bangladeshis. Moreover, there will be four observers from the Netherlands while two from the European Union.

There will be four observers from the Washington-based International Republican Institute (IRI) comprising two foreigners and two Bangladeshis.

Switzerland will have six observers, of them, two are foreigners and four Bangladeshis. There will be seven observers from the Asian Foundation, of them, two are foreigners and 5 Bangladeshis.

source: BSS

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