Share love by sharing workloads

Published : 08 May 2016, 00:52

The second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s day all around the world. Just like the rest of the world, for the last few years, the day has gained much popularity also in Bangladesh. The young generation now celebrates this day by sharing moments with moms or changing profile picture in social media. Many buy gifts for their moms, or go out for a dinner or trip with moms just to give them a feel like being loved.

But behind all those beautiful arrangements, somehow in our middleclass society the mothers, especially those who are homemakers by profession are still the most deprived ones. Their day long toils never receive any recognition from the society. They are never known as heroes for their everyday sacrifices. Even most of the feminists don’t count them as someone remarkable in women’s history. Their stories are always untold and unheard as they don’t make money for family or society.

Certainly we talk about women’s freedom, we want women to be educated and work in all sectors of society. We demand to free women from the walls of households. But there is no chance to shorten the contributions of those who work at kitchens and houses 365 days a year to feed us and to keep our life harmonic and active. To be honest, being a homemaker or a mother is not easier by any chance than being a doctor or engineer or lawyer or any other professional, even sometimes harder. But it’s disappointing that they are called by us as ‘no job women’ as very often we ask them ‘what do you do all the day?’. 

The real battle of feminism is not only to ensure that women are being educated and working with men outside, but also to teach men to work with women at house simultaneously. We must teach our young generation that there is no less of dignity in doing the works at house which are generally known as ‘girly’ works; instead, it’s a matter of shame to be dependent on someone else for your own jobs to be done. We must tell people that our mothers or sisters or wives who work at home require same labor like them who work at outside; and their jobs should also be dignified by all of us. People should know that anyone can do any work at anywhere regardless to their gender. And this equality of job can bring the real feminism in the world.

We all love our mothers undoubtedly. But a very few of us can tell our mothers ‘I love you mom’. Let’s make this Mother’s day a new start to say ‘I love you’ in a different way. Let’s share the works of our homemaker female members of the family by helping them in households, by doing our own jobs by ourselves. Let them know, they deserve the same dignity and attention as working women. Not just for a single day, let’s share love by sharing workloads althrough the year. 

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