Smartphone addiction ruining your relationship

Published : 14 Mar 2019, 17:38

Jagoroniya Desk

Isn’t it annoying and rude if your partner pays more attention to their phone than you on a date or in fact, all the time? 

Due to the rise of nomophobia (the fear of being without your phone) and smartphone addiction, this kind of behaviour has become all too common among couple: leading to your own phone becoming a relationship killer.

To understand this phenomenon, we got in touch with experts Pulkit Sharma, psychologist and Dr. Anil Sethi, relationship counsellor who explain how to figure out if your phone is more in love with their phone than you.

 3 signs that your partner is addicted to their Smartphone

1)You get ignored: Talking to them is like talking to a wall as they are so zoned out in their phone that they ignore you. And it’s not like they purposely do it, it’s just the extent of their Smartphone addiction.

2)Your partner is easily distracted: It’s tough to get your partner’s attention as they are always distracted: they can’t properly pay attention to you . As a result, intimacy in the relationship suffers.

3)Your partner gets anxious without their phone: Without their phone, they are like a fish without water, they get anxious.

 3 ways to deal with the problem

1)A non-confrontational conversation: By being confrontational or judgmental towards partner, you will worsen the situation. Empathize and try to make them self-aware about how their Smartphone addiction is ruining the relationship.

2)Create gadget free zone and time: Addiction doesn’t go away in an instant, it takes time.  Therefore, creating gadget free zones in the house and gadget free time, where you and your partner converse in the absence of cell phone is imperative.

3) Get help: If the above two don’t help then your partner has got a serious problem and needs professional help.

Source: Hindustan Times 

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