Boisabi Utsab begins in Rangamati

Published : 12 Apr 2019, 12:41

Jagoroniya Desk

Boisabi Utsab, the biggest traditional festival of tribal people, began in Rangamati through floating flowers in the Kaptai Lake at Chakma Rajbari ghat here early Friday.

The first day of the festival is called ‘Phulbijhu’, while the second day ‘Mulbijhu’ and the third day also the first day of the Bangla New Year the ‘Gojyapojya Din’.

Prokriti Ranjan Khisha, president of Adibashi Forum, inaugurated the festival through floating flowers in the lake.

Besides, the people of Tripura community floated flowers offering to Ganges goddesses at Garjantoli ghat.

Brish Ketu Chakma, chairman of Rangamati Zila Parishad and Rangamati Municipality Mayor Akbar Hossain inaugurated the festival in the morning.

The males, females and children of Tripura community make the festival colourful by wearing traditional dresses.

The word Boisabi is a combination of the Bengali acronyms for various indigenous festivals like Boishuk for the Tripura community people, Sangrai of the Marma community, and Bizu for the Chakma community.

On the first day of the festival, people float flowers in rivers or spring water and take bath seeking divine blessings for their peace and prosperity. The three-day festival will be ended on April 14.

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