Bug took Apple’s Developer website down amid hacking fears

Published : 08 Sep 2017, 17:17

Jagoroniya Desk

After several developers reported a possible security breach in Apple’s Developer website as their account addresses showed an address in Russia, Apple has said the problem originated owing to a bug in its account management application.

According to a MacRumours report on Thursday, several developers reported that all of their developer account addresses have been updated with an address in Russia, perhaps indicating some kind of breach or serious internal error.

According to multiple developer reports, their accounts list a Russian address instead of their correct address,” the report added.

The Apple’s Developer site, down for couple of hours, was finally up and running.

According to The Verge, the Apple developer support team sent a note to developers, assuring them that there was “no security breach.

“Due to a bug in our account management application, your address information was temporarily displayed incorrectly in your account details on the Apple Developer website,” the note read.

“The same incorrect address was displayed to all affected developers. The underlying code-level bug was quickly resolved and your address information now shows correctly,” it added.

“There was no security breach and at no time were the Apple Developer website, applications, or services compromised,” it further said.

In 2013, the Apple’s Developer Centre was hacked and was taken offline for several days.

“At that time, Apple said sensitive personal information was encrypted and inaccessible, but some developers’ names, mailing addresses, and email addresses may have been leaked,” the reports said.

A developer named David Negron first spotted the glitch, and tweeted that “all developer account addresses” were being shown as an address in Russia.

Source: ians

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