Five food facts your mom was right about

Published : 18 Sep 2017, 17:58

Jagoroniya Desk

There are myths about everything. Myths about food too, what your mama used to say. But she was right, according to science. Here are four facts about food  your mom told you

If you want to stay good skin and hair, drink plenty of water

This is a popular wisdom proven by science. Water flushes out all toxins from your body. It hydrates your body. It keep your skin and hair well nourished.

If you suffer from burns, use honey

Spread honey on the burn area. It creates a moist, antibacterial environment that promotes tissue growth.

If you want to be fit and strong, have an apple a day

Apple peel is a good source of quercetin, an important antioxidant that helps control weight, lower blood pressure, prevent heart problems and fights allergies.

If you are feeling dizzy, take a small bite of ginger.

Ginger prevents nausea and heals stomach problem. Have some ginger tea or drink whenever you feel uneasy or queasy in your stomach.

If you want to lose weight, drink more water, eat more raw food

Replace fried food with raw or steamed food. Have more fruits and vegetable salads which are high in dietary fibres and nutrients. Its antioxidant properties will help in detoxification and prevent all types of diseases. It will also help in better bowel movement. Also the feeling of being full will prevent you from overeating and make you eat less, keeping your weight under control.

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