DU student masturbated on, shares her traumatic experience on Facebook

Published : 15 Mar 2017, 03:03

Jagoroniya Desk

For most Delhi University (DU) students, college fests are all about bringing home some unforgettable memories and experiences. However, Meghna Singh, a Miranda House student who attended the Shri Ram College of Commerce fest Crossroads, brought back semen on her jeans and an experience she’d rather forget.

“I came home and changed out of my jeans only to see semen stains on it. And then I realised, that the guy who had been feeling me up from behind during KK’s performance had jerked off on me,” says Singh, a B A (Hons) History student at the college. A public picture of her stained jeans, uploaded 15 hours ago on her Facebook profile, now has over 1.9K likes.

Recounting the incident, Singh shares that she and her two friends initially dismissed the touches, thinking they were unintentional. “It was really crowded so I assumed that it may have been unintentional. It’ not the kind of thing that you would expect to happen at a college fest,” she explains. An odd odour, she adds, confirmed her suspicions. “When he touched me again, I turned around and pushed him away, asking him to back off. Scared that I would create a scene, he abruptly left the place. Since it was too dark, I didn’t realise he had jerked off on me.”

The picture of Singh’s stained jeans has sparked a debate on social media platforms. While some are expressing outrage and empathy, others are questioning the authenticity of the incident. “I had someone tell me that it could be shreekhand (sweetend curd). Really? People can’t accept a girl standing up for herself. Chemical analysis and forensic test karwana chahte hain log mujhse,” she retorts. “I know it’s hard to believe that these students who are educated and pursuing higher education can stoop so low. But what will I get by making all this up and putting it on a social platform?”

The backlash, she says, doesn’t bother her. “A lot of girls also commented saying that they have been through the same at some point, and I wonder why they never said something about it. If you don’t make people aware of what goes on around them, things will never change,” she says.

Source: hindustantimes

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