Sleeping late? Check your diet

Published : 26 Jul 2017, 18:11

Jagoroniya Desk

Are you a night bird, or are you struggling to control your weight? Do you know that a late night sleep is linked to weight gain?

Early to bed and maintaining good sleep timings and duration are important for health. However, many suffer from sleeplessness or sleep late.

Well, if you are one of them, you may be habituated to consuming less vegetables and more fast food. which is adding to your weight. Researchers say that people with fast food habits or poor diet quality are often found sleeping late.

"Our results help us further understand how sleep timing in addition to duration may affect obesity risk... It is possible that poor dietary behaviors may predispose individuals with late sleep to increased risk of weight gain," said Kelly Glazer Baron from Northwestern University in the US.

Hence, if you suffer from sleep problem, it could be linked to your weight gain. So keep few simple things in mind that may help you.

Change your sedentary lifestyle and try to lose weight.

Indulge in regular physical activities. The easiest thing to do is walking. Walk and lose weight.

Check your food intake. Cut down on fast food.

Eat more fruits, salads and vegetables.

Avoid sweet fruit juices and drink more water or salted lemon drink.

Follow this simple basic health rule to start with, and have a good night sleep and stay trim and fit.

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