Match fee for women only Tk 600

Published : 30 Apr 2017, 18:56

Jagoroniya Desk

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has fixed Tk 600 for women cricketers as match fee in the upcoming Women’s National Cricket League, a fifty-over tournament, whereas the board ranked fifth in the index of world’s richest cricket board.

BCB will earn approximately $1 million from International Cricket Council (ICC) in the next eight years besides their own income.

However, the match fee for men in the first phase of National Cricket League is Tk 25,000 and the male cricketers are being paid Tk 20,000 in the second phase.

The match fee for men in Bangladesh Cricket League (BCL) is fixed to Tk 50,000.

The BCB’s Women Committee on Sunday fixed the match fee, ahead of Women’s National Cricket League, which will be started with eight divisional teams at Cox’s Bazar on 16 May.

About the lowest match fee for women cricketers, BCB Women’s Committee chairman Awal Chowdhury said, ‘We don’t have any sponsor for the women’s cricket team like the way we have for the men.’

In men’s first class cricket, the sportsmen get monthly salary besides the match fee. But there is no additional remuneration for women cricketers out of the contract salary. The contractual salary for girls in three grades is Tk 30,000, 20,000, and 10,000 under central agreement.

Source: ntvbd

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