Brad Pitt plans to quit acting

Published : 06 Sep 2019, 13:44

Jagoroniya Desk

Actor Brad Pitt says he is planning to take a step back from acting to focus on his work with his production company Plan B.

He also wants to pursue his hobbies, which includes sculpting and landscaping.

"I'm curious to see if movies last, if movies stick around," Pitt said in an interview to while talking about the future of big-screen entertainment in the streaming era.

He went on to mention that he won't be starring in many projects.

"It'll be fewer and farther in between for me, just because I have other things I want to do now," said Pitt, whose interests include sculpting and landscaping.

"When you feel like you've finally got your arms around something, then it's time to go get your arms around something else," the actor said.

Source: ians

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